Sunday, May 6, 2012

TWW - Super Moon Plus

My three words for this weekend are Moon, Roof and Toe-Up.

I hope everyone had the opportunity to see the full moon last night. It was spectactular. They call them a Super Moon when the full moon occurs at the time when the moon is in its closest orbit to the earth.

On Saturday, my brother and I played roof monkeys at the folks. It was the weekend to do the critter keep out repair work. It was very hot on the asphalt shingles so by the time we were done we were medium-crispy. Both of us are happy that job is done.

I finished the Summer Cupcake Socks in Biscotte and Cie - just a ten-day knit. And they are fabulous. I can hardly wait to wear them.

Now that I am done with those I am off to make my first attempt on toe-up socks. More on that tomorrow. I hope everyone had a Happy Weekend~!

1 comment:

Cathy R said...

Ugh, roof work. Yuck.

It is nice of you and your brother to do that for your parents, though.