Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yard Sale Quilt Done

The end result of the fabrics that a neighbor destashed to me turned out so cute. It turned out to be about 42 x 58, certainly big enough to use in a favorite TV watching chair or the couch.

I have called it "Yard Sale" and it is ready to gift to her this coming weekend, right on time for the next cold front to arrive.

The name comes from the price tags I discovered on the fabric pieces as I was sorting and deciding what to do with it. The stickers were hand lettered and most had prices of 25 - 35 cents each. No way to be sure how long ago this stash was acquired but my guess is at least 20 years.

I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quilt Design Boards

Another great idea I happened to come across while cruising the internet. These quilt design boards are easy, inexpensive and cute.

It is explained here on this video with Lori Holt at the Fat Quarter Shop.

The materials are simple to obtain. Here is what I used: foam core board (like you use for posters), leftover jelly roll strips for the outer edge finish, leftover lightweight batting, a glue gun and a dull-bladed rotary cutter.

I got six 10x10 inch squares from the standard size foam core board (20x30). These will work well for 6 inch or 8 inch block designs. I may make a large one - the size of the standard board to work on mini quilt ideas.

Happy crafting to all~!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another One Begins

A neighbor has been de-stashing her crafting supplies and brought me a bag of fabric and trims to sort through and take what I wanted from it.

In that bag I found some pieces that she had obviously bought to go together in something for her home (I am judging that from the colors). So I decided that she needed a lap quilt to go in her living room and it could be made from the fabrics she had picked out.

This is the picture of the planning stage on how to assemble it.

It will be done using the strips of fabric and then piecing some together with coordinating fabrics I collected to finish it.

This one will be finished and gifted before cold weather arrives (which looks like it could be soon by the way our weather is acting. )

Happy crafting to all~!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tube Quilting Continued - with Leftovers

How do you quilt leftovers, you ask?

In this case, it was easy. I took the rest of the pieces I cut from the tubes I made for the tablerunner for my neighbor and friend, then I pieced them into four blocks. One block represented a blend of the two color styles from the runner.

Then I placed them into a square design and added some more of the leftover jelly roll strips from the Sweet Pea roll by Kansas Troubles.

The back is from the leftovers of fabric I used in the other one. I will bind this one with the wine color and may quilt the sashing with a wide zigzag pattern.

Its finished measurements will be somewhere around 24-inches. And the majority of the fabric for this project will be used up. What is left I will add to my strip collection.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tube Quilting - Fun and Fast

It all began with a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company and some leftover jelly strips in Sweet Pea by Kansas Troubles.

This tablerunner will be a gift to my neighbor for her table in two weeks for our ladies potluck event.

The pumpkin has already found its way to her home for this fall.

Both projects were fast and fun. I am planning a Christmas version of the tablerunner soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flying Geese - A Sample of the Dimensional One-Seam Method

Mom and I went to the Quilters Above the Clouds Quilt Show in Woodland Park this weekend.

We saw lots a beautiful things there. Visited with folks we know and enjoyed the small show atmosphere.

While we were there a demonstration of the various ways to make flying geese was given. I sat in on it and learned a new way to do them that I just love. It is called the Dimensional one-seam method. I took notes and handled the sample to get a real feel of how it goes together, and I knew if I did not make one as soon as I got home I would forget how it was done.

So, that is exactly what I did. Once I got two of them done and assembled I had to finish it into something. Here are the results. I love the tree effect. Next one will be in greens, maybe with gray as the neutral. On to experiment....

Friday, July 25, 2014

Red Button Adventure

I found this kit (pattern and buttons) at Sew Many Quilts in Bend, Oregon. I had heard of them and wanted to try one. Once I got home I realized that I needed reds a creams to create the piece so I picked them up from my local quilt shop.

The piecing part went quickly, now I am down to the embroidery and hand quilting. It is an adventure in things I had not tried until now.

The pattern is from Red Button Quilt Company called Little Red Three (#503).  They carry a couple others that I am interested in trying. Will wait until this one is done and hung up before I decide on the next.

The buttons are what really fascinated me. They are so tiny and I am not sure how they can make them this small. The ones in this kit are flower shaped. They also make round ones that are 1/8".

The reds are used are a mix of civil war and random reds and creams that went together and did not fight with each other. Until next time - I craft so I don't unravel~!