Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camp Loopy - Project 2 - Ready, Set

Mt. Knitsalot calls again for the month of July during the second round of Camp Loopy.

The challenge is to knit 500+ yards into a very "popular" pattern that has "passed you by". The popularity is gauged by Ravelry and needs to be 1000+ projects either knit from or queued up to be knit from a particular pattern. I have chosed Hitchhiker by Martina Behm, one that I have said I am going to knit "one of these days". So now it is time.

I have chosen two skeins of Malabrigo Sock in Velvet Grapes to complete this project.

The yarn is wound, the pattern is printed, the needles found, and all are in my camp bag, pictured here. I am ready and set for the cast on time of July 1st.

Happy hiking and knitting to all my camp mates~!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sewing - More Gift Zippys

These make great birthday gifts for folks you know marginally well. Not that I am saying anyone have to make gifts for all your "acquaintances" but sometimes it is fun to surprise folks with something homemade.

The patterns I am using are by Terry Atkinson and Valori Wells, respectively, the larger is the one called Monkey Business and the smaller is called the Little Wallet.

When the wallet is open it reveals three little card slide areas. I think this one is great to do when you are giving a gift card. Two gifts in one.

And it can be used to carry your gift cards, for someone who collects Starbucks cards or, like me, who have crafting store gift cards or the frequent buyer cards from the quilt or yarn shops.

I hope everyone is finding ways to entertain themselves this summer~!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp Loopy - Project One - Done

My first camp project is done and Little Loopy thinks it makes a great camp bed. I knit the Summer Wind pattern in a  skein of Fibernymph Bounce in the Scylla Beware colorway.

It turned out really light and soft. Hope the weather cools off enough to actually wear it in the summer.

Now it is on to project 2 which is 500+ yards knit into a popular pattern of your choice.

More on that later this month.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking Dog - Zippy Clutch

And to go along with the well-dressed pooch in SoCal, her master needed a dog walking zippy.

I had some fabric leftover from the matching scarf and bandanna set I made for them when they were here in Colorado, so I incorporated that into this project.

Note the dog brad I added for embellishment. I have wanted to try adding brads to fabric projects and I see that  it works so now I am gathering a collection of brads for future use.

So fun, says the mad scientist from her cutting table.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Glam Pup - Bandanas

While I was shopping for zombie and roses embroidery designs, I looked for a beach dog design and when I found this one I knew it was the perfect one to send to a friend in California for her precious Golden.

As you can see, she is getting quite an addition to her bandana wardrobe. And, from what I hear, she does ask to get dressed up each day for her walk. I think that is so cute.
Now, every time I see a cute fabric in a fat quarter I add it to the bandana making pile so she will have lots of choices of what to wear.

Nothing says SoCal like a well-dressed pooch.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sewing - Zippy bags - Zombie and Roses

I have been practicing the sewing techniques that I have learned from the pattern by Terry Atkinson called Monkey Business. It makes the cutest little zippered bag with an expandable bottom I have ever seen.

The real fun is in picking out coordinating fabrics to build the next one and then adding an embellishment or two and a zipper pull. Each one I have made so far has found a home far and away as a gift or a requested item.

The two pictured here were for co-workers' birthdays this month. My mother helped with the creation by doing the embroider patterns that I managed to find. That idea just adds further interest and fun to these bags.

Since these have been gifted I have picked from my fabric leftovers some more color combos to make some more. These may show up on the Etsy shop before long as knitting notion keepers. Most may be without embroidery since I do not have the machine to do that part, but I may talk my mom into some more designs if she has the time. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project Bags for Etsy

I completed some other bags that are destined to be for sale on my Etsy site starting this coming week.

My first test bag (the one in orange) is the smaller one and will be great for a sock knitting bag. The other two are larger and will be great for a bag to take your "vanilla" project to your knitting group, along with room for your wallet, keys, cell phone, and even your iPad.

All three bags will be in my Etsy shop before Wednesday. Look for them there.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Bags

I have been playing with some patterns by Terri Atkinson. I understand that she is known for her zipper installation method and I found it to be very easy so I am impressed.

The first two I tested were the Cash and Carry (pictured in red and grey) and the Monkey Business (pictured in brown flowers and blue). Both are very fun and will make great gifts.

There are several others that I will be testing in the coming weeks. It is fun to put together different fabrics to create fun options.

For me, the trick  is to have all the hardware supplies on hand when decided to make one. So I am tracking down a bulk option for the zippers and the swivel hooks, because I have find they are more expensive in the shops and harder to find because they only keep so many on hand.

It should be a fun summer project, getting ready

for gift giving season. Happy Crafting to All~!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Homework: the Final Part for Beginning Quilt Class

I pieced together the table runner so I can learn how to pin it together with batting and backing and then quilt it together.

The other four blocks will be used for a wall hanging, that I will finish later once I have learned these final steps.

Now I am ready to go to class.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camp Loopy - Off to Hike Mt. KnitsALot

I missed the first bugle call of camp this morning. I know most of my fellow campers were up with the birds casting on, while I was up with the birds sewing on my charm school project from yesterday.

Then I ran out early to shop for the most important monthly items - cat litter and food. While I was out it struck me that it was June 1st and I should be casting on, so I raced home, pulled out the yarn and needles and started the long cast on for the Summer Wind cowl, all 268 stitches of it.

By the end of the afternoon that included haircuts for me and the parents, plus sewing store shopping, I was back to summer camp with a cold drink and a warm pussycat curled up in my lap and a movie. This is my kind of camping, at least for this weekend.

I hope all my fellow campers are enjoying their first session like I am. See you on the hiking trail~!