Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flying Geese - A Sample of the Dimensional One-Seam Method

Mom and I went to the Quilters Above the Clouds Quilt Show in Woodland Park this weekend.

We saw lots a beautiful things there. Visited with folks we know and enjoyed the small show atmosphere.

While we were there a demonstration of the various ways to make flying geese was given. I sat in on it and learned a new way to do them that I just love. It is called the Dimensional one-seam method. I took notes and handled the sample to get a real feel of how it goes together, and I knew if I did not make one as soon as I got home I would forget how it was done.

So, that is exactly what I did. Once I got two of them done and assembled I had to finish it into something. Here are the results. I love the tree effect. Next one will be in greens, maybe with gray as the neutral. On to experiment....