Monday, May 14, 2012

Another New Project Start

I have another new project on the needles. All of this begins this past weekend when I unearthed a couple wraps I made early in my knitting career. They were knit from a pattern called Jan's Shawl that I cannot find anywhere. I could duplicate them because they are simply a ribbed rectangle that was seamed together at the end forming a point, so you can wear them several ways.

The first one I wore the movies on Sunday and realized that this is a great substitution for a sweatshirt and the second one I wore to work today. Everyone has asked where I got it. So I looked for the pattern online and at Ravelry but could not find its match. What I did find is this pattern called a Shoulder Cozy.
  borrowed the pic from the designer at  Ravelry

I got very excited and went out at lunch to buy the yarn to knit one in test format. I got Lion Brand Amazing in Olympia so I can wear it with either black, gray or brown (my favored colors for work) and Patons Lace Sequin in Moonstone to carry with it. It is knit with a skein of worsted and one of lace held double. The pattern called for Noro Taiyo and a Debbie Bliss lace. I may try that combo when I get this one done because the Taiyo is a cotton/silk weight that may be better for summer wear.

It is on the needles this evening and I hope to have it done by this next weekend. Until then, Happy Knitting~!

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Cathy R said...

That is really neat! I bet my mom would like one of those, as she really likes to have her shoulders covered with an extra layer...