Sunday, May 20, 2012

TWW - Flying, Finishing and Fabulous

My fingers have been flying this weekend, trying to finish projects that are on my needles. I managed to finish the first toe up sock, the shoulder cozy, the handwarmers and ruffle end scarf.

In between all of the knitting, I got some housework done and soloed on my first ever attempt at Mom's Mac Salad. (Special thanks to Mom for being at the other end of the phone and answering" OnStar - for Mac Salad assist - press 1")

 I am pleased with the results and this batch will be going to the neighborhood potluck today. Another batch will be prepared and taken to work this week for a Heart Healthy Lunch (in that batch I am substituting the mayo for nonfat yogurt).

All in all, a great weeknd. Now back to the knitting.

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Robin said...

Is it a family only recipe or can you share it with the class? LOL. I'm always looking for a good pasta salad recipe.