Friday, April 1, 2011

Mystery Knit Revealed

And it is MONSTER-OUS!

In preparation for my first hosting of a knitting retreat, I had the attendees bring leftovers of worsted weight and size 8US needles with them and, with the assistance of mom, we put together all the "toppings" to use as decoration of the knit monsters.

I think that everyone had a great time creating a little monster buddy over the weekend. I am waiting for some of the pictures from Sunday morning closing breakfast. I will post those when I receive them. For now, the monsters shown are the ones done as the mascots. I am still looking for a name for them. Please post a comment with your vote.

I hope everyone had a great first weekend of April~!

1 comment:

Jax Bubis said...

These are great, Donna. Is there a pattern or do you just wing it? I want to do some. Yay.