Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding at Spring Fling and a Visit to Loopy Ewe

Glad we got up an hour earlier than the advertised wedding start time in the Central Time Zone because it really started at 5 a.m. It was great to see the ceremony without the talking heads interference and with a member of the Commonwealth because she could explain some of the monarchy protocol of which we were not familiar.

We had pjs and pearls, coffee, fruit and will save the wine for this afternoon. Then it was off to breakfast and class or the trip to Loopy for some. I had the morning off to update the blog and knit on my moebius wrap, the Smultsrona, that I am now more than half way done. I really want to finish it and wear it home, we shall see.

My trip to Loopy was this afternoon and I  am happy to report that I got all the yarn for the projects that I had specified and stayed within my budget. The shop is fabulous and the customer service is stellar. If you have the opportunity to visit them in person you really should go, if not shop them online.

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