Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Have I Been Working On?


In the process of learning and perfecting the moebius cast on and cowl, I decided that I needed to find a suitable yarn substitution for the shop. These cowls are knit on bulky yarn and, for most recipients, need to be washable as in machine.

The yarn that we knit the one in Buena Vista out of are anything but easy care/washable. They have to be hand-washed and for most folks that is a pain in the sit-down-parts.
So, I got out some of my stash in the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick to see if it would make up a comparable finished product. It does. I asked the shop to order in some fun colors as well as some manly and/or neutral ones. I took the one I had finished to shop for display with a sign "Coming Soon." Lo and behold, when the shop owner tried it on I realized that it had to be hers because she looks so good in that color. I am knitting another one for display as I tell you this. Also, of note, she is allergic to wool, however managed to wear this one around for quite a while (around her neck, not like pictured) and could not tell there was wool in it. Yay!

I also knit up two more of the free patterns available for this yarn from the Lion Brand website for display. I believe that more people will buy yarn when they see samples knit up. The Raspberry one is called the Berry Hat and Scarf (love the hat!) and the other is called the Briarcliff Cowl in the Blossom. Both were very fast knits.  The Briarcliff called for it to be knit a total of 19 inches long, I stopped this one at 15 inches because it is so chunky. I think that it has a lot of embellishing potential.

I hope everyone has fun things they are working on~!

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