Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Travel Day and the Tornado Damage in STL

Drove through a snowstorm to the airport and did a Park and Fly at the Microtel. The new management there is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to do this for their travel plans.

Arrived at the airport at O-dark-30, did you know that the desks do not open for check-in until 4:30 a.m. Yes, I waited in line with some that were complaining that they should open earlier. The line I was in was at least 60 deep with bags to check and it only took 12 minutes once they opened the desk. Pretty good if you ask me. Then I got to go through a body scanner for the first time. It was -- interesting but not as bad as everyone was whining about when it started. TSA agents do not look like they enjoy their jobs, another job option I can cross off my list.
Then it was go to the waiting area after I found water bottles to take on the plane. Loopy enjoyed his photo ops with the Tornado Shelter sign, something everyone should note the location of especially after what happened in St. Louis last Friday. When we queued up for boarding the TSA came through for a pat down. Interesting, I wonder what that is all about. I told them next time I expect hot rocks massage and not just a frisking, at least that gal had more humor about her job.

My plane knitting project was to finish the Siren Sleeves because I may need to wear them this weekend. It is not supposed to be too warm.

I got to share the row with a vet out of Granby who was delivering a 12-week old buff-colored cocker spaniel to his new family on Cape Cod. He was so sweet and slept in his carrier under the seat all the way to St. Louis, She breeds and shows cocker spaniels and is a recent transplant from north of Boston.

The damage at the St. Louis Airport is impressive, the surrounding area is covered in plywood, blue tarps, glass shards and downed trees. I am so glad I missed that particular storm. The crews on the ground are working double time to get things cleaned up and back to normal. It is quite a sight to see.

I managed to get on the first shuttle to the hotel that came by and checked into my room early. Now I am waiting for my cohorts to arrive from the north so we can go to the Arch this afternoon. The Sheraton Westport Plaza has gone through a complete redo and it is beautiful. This time I want to go down to the Chalet on the lake and have a drink at their bar so I can say I have been there.

We went out to dinner at Pappy's Smokehouse downtown. It was really good and while we were there we watched a slice of St. Louis culture walk by our table in line to order their own yummy dinners. It was lots of fun.

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