Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year: Evaluation of Progress

That title sounds too corp-speak for me. How about? WooHoo! I Got 'Er Done~!  Better.

So here is a recap of the goals  I set for myself a year ago and the end result:

There are several, so let's get right to it:

1. Learn new skills: Entrelac, domino, double, twined and more color work knitting. I accomplished the twined and did more color work, also learned miter which I think might also be known as domino.

2. Schedule and teach at least two classes a month. Succeeded and then some, also offered twice montly knit o ramas and taught a class at PILLAR.

3. Provide more fun knitting accessories at my Etsy shop. Done and sold quite a bit. I have added some new ones to the shop - you should check it out.

4. Design and submit a pattern to Still in the design phase - this one goes to the 2011 list.

5. Design and submit patterns on Accomplished one pattern, check it out at Ravelry and my RavID is anniemaude.

6. Attend the third annual Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in April. Done and what a great time it was, won the lottery to attend again this year. I plan to knit on the top of the Arch.

7. Attend the Pagosa Fiber Festival the end of May. Did not make it.

8. Learn more digital camera techniques. Done and with good results.

9. Post on my blog at least three times a week. Done, as you can tell it was more like 4 1/2 times a week.

10. Have more fun, say yes to more of life and be grateful every day for what I have. Done, done and done. That goal stays on my 2011 list as well.

I hope everyone had a successful year~!

And Pedro perfected his version of a tree skirt at his Gramma's house. She thought he was so cute, as we all do. He is wishing everyone a great new year full of all their favorite things~!

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Cindi said...

Love how you keep yourself accountable!!! Think I may try that this year :) Looks like you had a great year - wishing you the same and more for 2011!