Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lessons Learned: Dinan Slouchy Beanie

Because this is such a fun knit, I will share what I learned and a couple tricks to make this one of your favorite hat patterns to knit in the future.

Do not attempt a Make 1 Purl. When I did it left a noticeable hole in the fabric. So when I got to the increase row, I simply purled the specified number after the notation about M1P, then on the first knit stitch of the sequence I did a Knit 1 front and back aka K1f&b, then knit the rest of the number specified. It worked beautifully and is invisible.

I have done the shorter ribbed cuff version and the longer one. My dad is wearing the longer one because he wants his ears covered. Mom wants a shorter one for herself, so I will be working on that before new year.

There are some adjustments I made to the decrease to make it work better for the flow of the hat. It is a work in progress. It makes a nice hate that is warmer because of the folds and yet it is knit out of worsted weight. And it goes really fast. I knit one for a family friend over a 24 hour period. That is what I call a great, last minute gift knit.

I hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas time~!

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