Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mastering the Art: Two Socks Toe Up One Circ

I have gotten through the heels and into the legs of these sample socks. This project got put aside over the holiday because I was finishing must give items.

I will be finishing these this week and getting ready for my class on two at a time top down in January.

I like this technique and can hardly wait to try it on a pair of socks on smaller needles and string.

I did have to hot water relax the cable because it kept wrapping itself around what I was trying to knit making it more of a bother than having two skeins to untangle occasionally. After I did that it seems to be more cooperative.

I did get the smaller needle sizes and think I will try the Ski Tracks socks I am knitting for dad in this technique, since I had only gotten the cuff done on the first one.

I hope everyone is finding new techniques they like~!

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