Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Learning A New Skill - Toe Up, Two At A Time

I started my class to learn how to knit two socks at a time on one circular from the toe up. I thought it was about time to learn the toe up method for socks and the idea of getting two done at a time is very appealing.

I had been hesitating about this method for some time because I did not think it would be very portable having two skeins of yarn to keep straight while I am knitting in the car.

So far I am almost through the gusset, the second part of the class will be all about the heel cup. It was interesting to learn that there are new terms to learn when doing this method. For instance, instead of knitting rows or rounds you are knitting sides.

One side of both socks represents the instep and the other side represents the sole. Once that became apparent it was easier to think about the construction of a toe up sock. It is recommended to mark the sole side with a marker so you know where you are.

Working on the sample socks in worsted with size 6US needles makes the learning go faster. I will be interested to get a set on real sock yarn and needle size and see how that goes. Another tip I learned is to use at least a 40-inch circular, 47-inch is better.

I hope everyone is learning new things to finish off their year~!

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