Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December?! Who Said It Could Be December?

How the year has flown! It is almost time for my goal accomplishment post where I make myself accountable to you, my reading public. I better go get the paperwork and review my calendar so I am ready to do that on December 31st.

And, again, a big thank you for the great camera I got for my birthday this year. As of yesterday, I have taken 1124 snaps with it, mostly so I can show fun photos on this blog.

I hope everyone is going to spend their December doing fun things. And if you need a virtual Advent calander, go to Jacquie and purchase (for very little money) one for your desktop. Her work is top-notch!

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Cathy R said...

I totally agree. Who said that it could be December already???


Although this is why I don't knit for Christmas Gifts. Too much pressure. I am going to try to get a hat done for Mom and another for Dad, but they aren't the "gifts." They are just because both of them really need a new warm hat.