Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Make-A-Thon: Progress Report

As you saw in the previous post about the folded fabric, I am making great progress on those gifts. Currently I some sewn together almost ready to mail to far away family and friends. The last batch are for local giving and will be done closer to the time.

The knits that had to go to Oregon were mailed right after Thanksgiving and should be there in plenty of time for the annual stitching party. The furthest package of knitteds is almost ready to ship - can't say exactly what is in it but I will say the tree ornament (korknisse's) match for each recipient. How fun is that?!

This year I had to sit down and devise my crafting list to be done in the order that would allow me to mail them in a timely fashion. So any local gifts are being done at the end and I hope that my elf-ing energy holds up. I imagine that I will still be knitting vigorously on Christmas Eve while helping mom wrap the last of the gifts. At least that is how it worked out last year.

Enjoy this picture of the family of faraway feet that have taken up residence in my laundry closet. (That is to keep Pedro from chewing on them - he LOVES Lambs Pride wool)  Happy 25 days til Christmas~!

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