Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three on Thursday

I "borrowed" this idea from Sheri @ The Loopy Ewe because I think we should all consider the things that we are grateful for in our lives, sometimes me especially. So here goes:

The 3 things I am happy about are:

1. I am happy my cat, Pedro, still loves to play with his toys. He will bring them to my desk when I am updating my blog and wait for me to toss them across the room. Can't train a cat, huh?

2. Fall colors make me happy, it means cooler weather is coming and I will be wearing more of my knitwear.

3. To have a job that supports the lifestyle I have chosen.

And the 3 things that I love about Fall:

1. The colors as mentioned above. It makes the best backdrop for sock photo shoots. Remember Spooky sock in Vicksburg (the ghost town in Colorado) where he earned the name Weenie (for Halloween and because it made folks laugh).

2. Seeing the pumpkins at the farm stands in all shapes and sizes.

3. Hot spiced cider and more opportunites for me to make homemade soup and bread. Yummy!

I hope everyone has things they are happy about and that they love about Fall. Let's share~!

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Cathy R said...

Of course you can't train a cat. Pedro, however, has proven that you can, in fact, train a human.

Purrcy has done the exact same thing to me. I wake up nearly every morning with a pile of toys next to my pillow - apparently he tries to get me to play with him all night.