Friday, October 29, 2010

IJ2S: Planning Retreat

 The drive was beautiful to Salida this morning. The air crisp and the sun bright. There were hardy fisherfolk trying their luck in the Arkansas River and a small band of bighorn sheep near the road for a photo op.

My goals for the weekend included a long-overdue visit with the friend from Crestone that I met on the way to SockSummit 1 and a visit to Salida's yarn shop, Fringe.
The rest of the weekend included time for planning for next year's knitting classes and corresponding samples that need to be knit, and the new techniques I want to learn.

All of these plans have to be done early because of class proposal deadlines, there is no luxury of waiting til New Year to come up with goals/resolutions. I have given up with resolutions and have replaced that with just goals to accomplish. 

All in all it was a fun road trip and nice visit. I did get some ideas written down and ready to review over the next couple weeks to prepare the requisite paperwork.

I even snuck in a little knitting time on the mystery socks. See the update post below. I hope everyone had a productive weekend~!

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