Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Muddle

 It was a perfect, cool, quiet day in Cripple Creek on Saturday, according to these pictures. A lovely day to be up in this high, mountain town.

Besides the annual trek to see the Halloween play, I had a busy weekend:

1. I downloaded the second clue to the Mystery Sock KAL and reviewed it. It is a little more complicated and probably won't be a car project until I get the pattern memorized.

2. I worked on the second Mock Croc Sock, I am a third of the way down the leg. Hope to have this one finished this week.

3. On Sunday, I finished my six-week long declutter project by cleaning out the outside storage project and getting the last of the storage buckets out of the house. Now I am ready for the carpet cleaner the end of this week. I like this way of doing it better, just one room at a time.

4. With all that, I still managed to get the extra sleep my body has been craving. I feel much better starting my week.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend~!

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