Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FO: Mock Croc Socks

I can say the Mock Croc Socks are a great knit and are completed. I really like the way the Serenity Sock Yarn feels, it has bamboo in it. Cannot say that it stripes as you can see in the picture. But the pooling effects are interesting.

This pattern made a great car knit. It was easy to memorize and count the repeats to match the second sock. This pattern comes from Knitpicks as a free pattern.

I will be doing this pattern again possibly on the Knit One Crochet Too Soxx Appeal yarn to see how it works on the elasticized yarns.

At least I am working my way through the sock yarn stash. Next on my car needles are the Mystery Socks KAL with Through the Loops which I started on October 1st and got bogged down with other things I had to finish. So that makes me three clues behind.

I just started clue two this morning which is for the leg of the sock and, so far so good. I will be posting pictures as I get further along in the leg, more to show, you know. I hope everyone has fun things they are working on~!

Note: the bright green item in the picture is one side of the new Sock Doctor keychain. The green side is the directions for the infamous Kichener Graft, and on the other is the sock construction diagram. I purchased this from NobleKnits, it is made by PolarKnits .

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