Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Mock Croc Sock

While I am waiting for the next clue in my Mystery Sock KAL, this is my latest sock project. It is the Mock Croc Sock pattern from KnitPicks and a free download. The specs are on my project page at Ravelry.

These knit up really fast because the pattern is easily memorized with only one row of fancy, twisted stitches.

It's mate is on the needles and should go faster because I have written down all the key points, like how many repeats it is to get to the next step. That helps me to create the second sock to be almost identical. In this case, the color patterning will not match but I like them that way.

I hope everyone has a fun project going~!

In other news: I have been nominated in the Fresh Ink Festival** for my article about the demise of Buckskin Joe's. You can find the voting page here and I am under the Fountain nominees, you will find a link to read the story there as well. Please vote!

** Fresh Ink is the online community news source that is sponsored by our local newspaper, The Gazette.


Cathy R said...

Lovely sock!! I love it when I hit a sock knitting phase and things just flow nicely.

Cathy R said...

Oh, and I voted for you. Good Luck!!