Friday, October 8, 2010

Ruffled Scarf Necklace

What a fun little project! I knit this in one sitting out of some fancy Italian yarn that was gifted to me from Oregon. Now I have a little necklace scarf to wear to work with my black suit jacket.

Once I finished the first one I decided that I needed to make one for mom to wear to the Halloween play. I knit it out of some of the leftovers from my Spooky Socks and it looks great.

Now on the needles is one for a shop sample out of Lion Brand Sock-Ease SourBall as another idea of something you can do out of sock yarn.

The pattern is from NobleKnits blog, date October 4, 2010, found here.

I have some other yarn I am going to try this pattern on. These will make great gifts for those friends that still work in the "dress code" world. I hope everyone has found a great, new idea to play with~!

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