Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finished! Kid Cardis

Duckers is happily modeling the last kid cardi and kerchief, all finished and ready to head to the Midwest for Easter apparel.

These were a really fun knit, and got me all geared up to knit a sweater for myself.

The original cardi that got me started on kid sweaters is finished as well and ready to ship across the big pond to the niece in Germany, along with some other goodies for her birthday.

Duckers is going to get the first attempt at the Baby Surprise Jacket that I want to make. I borrowed the DVD that explains the construction of the BSJ from CatWithCats and it now makes so much more sense to me. (Thanks, Cat)

Once I make the first one, I may try to downsize it to actually fit Duckers. I think he will look so cute in a sweater come next winter.

Well, I am off to finish changing out my seasonal closet in anticipation of warmer weather. It has been a great day to stay home and get all these things done, as the blizzard winds shook the windows and the occasionally snowflake scurried by. Pedro napped between gusts and the occasional bout at the window to jump at the snowflakes. I wish I had video. Have a great rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great little sweaters, aren't they fun! I am on a baby sweater kick! :)

Cathy R said...

I bet if you knit the BSJ with sock yarn, it would fit Ducky.

Of course, since I don't really know how big Ducky is, I could be completely off base.