Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter morning started out with white rain and progressed until it looked like this by noon. It was a welcome sight to see so much slush because the we have had such a dry warm winter.

It was a good day for housecleaning and knitting. I did more of the former and a little of the latter.

Duckers had her family around and we needed to do the spring family portrait.

What was missing from my Sunday was my faithful sidekick, Pedro. He is spending the week at Camp Mouse with his grandparents because they are doing unit inspections this week that include fire alarm and sprinkler inspections. I thought he might not need the stress. I do miss him though.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter. I am glad to get some serious spring cleaning done and am ready to spend this week catching up on my knitting. I am starting the lace section of the FLS and am experimenting with a swatch sample of the newest rage, the K1b by Duvekot.

I have attempted the cast on about 8 times and still have not figured out what instructions are trying to get me to do. I looked for videos and have not found any yet. I am signed up for a class in May to master this technique so I can teach it later this year. I love the look of the fabric it creates. I hope everyone had a "Hoppy" Easter, ate lots of candy and had a great time.

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