Friday, April 10, 2009

FLS Update: Yoke

I am making progress on the February Lady Sweater. And, so far, I like it.

I have to send out a thank you to A Knotted Yarn blog for her insightful hints that she shared from her knitting experience of the FLS.

I read through the pattern then read her hints and made the following adjustments before I cast on: decided to make the size smaller because it has been reported that this sweater "grows"; marked the right side of the garter yoke after the second row so I would not be guessing all the time; looked at the suggested video about the described M1 increases; reviewed the buttonhole on a sample swatch along with the M1s and reviewed her notes about where she decided to make the eyelet increases.

So far I am pleased with the look of this sweater, however not pleased with the buttonholes. I think I will be researching buttonhole techniques before I knit another one. I am not going to rip out what I have done so far to redo it, my plan is to clean them up with some crochet edge and camouflage the sloppy parts. I think I am to the eyelet increases and definitely to the place that this project has to stay at home. It has gotten to bulky to be portable without the fear of it creeping off the needles.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first hints of warmer weather.

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