Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Discovery: Wee Tiny Socks!

I have discovered the wonderful world of wee tiny socks. It all came about on the Ravelry group that is discussing the upcoming Sock Summit in Portland this year.

This is the identifier that was suggested to participants to make so it easy for everyone to recognize their fellow sock knitters in transit to the event and while cruising around Portland in August.

What a great idea! And, to top it off, the group decided that it would be even more fun to knit enough of them to swap with other knitters, similar to the Olympic pin swap that is so popular. The group also suggested sliding a Moo Card into the socks that will be swapped. Another way to make more like-minded friends.

The first ones I have knit were done on the smallest size needles I owned at the beginning of the week - size 1. The pattern calls for size 0. These turned out so cute that I went out and bought the correct size needles and will be using those to participate in Wee Tiny Sock Swap that begins tomorrow with the receipt of my swap partner.

I really enjoyed creating the Frankensock in miniature. I have the materials to make myself a pair in my size but wanted to test the trimming technique sooner. I think it turned out really cute.

I hope you have discovered something fun this week!


Cathy R said...

What GREAT little socks! Such a fun thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I'll be knitting a Wee Tiny Sock for you. Hope you like it!


Jackie Marie said...
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Jackie Bubis said...

I love these, Donna. I want a whole collection - for what? I have no idea, but you know me - but I'm not ready to knit socks - I think I'll need a class before that - not sure it's a teach yourself kinda thing.