Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review of Accomplishments from 2011

The obvious is: I started strong on the project list I meant to accomplish for the year, and about six months in, it derailed. That refers to the KWCG Sock of the Month Club - self-imposed, and self-regulated, and it successfully got me six pairs of socks by June. In July, it got derailed and I have one sock to finish.

Another way I am viewing it is: I got a LOT of knitting done this year. I blogged most of it, I did not put it all up on Ravelry. That is something I want to get better at (see next post for "goals of 2012").

In the midst of the fall push to finish gifts and take on some commission knitting, I found myself in the job seekers pool. It is a scary place these days, with large fish - toothy ones - circling and me, a newbie. Not to despair - it all turned out okay - several job offers and I start my choice next week. This is me doing the HAPPY dance.

This will be a better year, I have great plans and high hopes. I hope it is for you as well~!

Note: Pedro is making friends with Albert. I don't have the heart to throw away this particular "gator".

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Jax Bubis said...

Sorry to hear of your job issues. Dan had a similar experience two years ago now. It was 5 months. Ugh.

Glad to hear that it's resolved.

Think of you often.