Friday, January 20, 2012

July Sock - Finally Coming Back

My poor July socks, they have been on haitus since August 1st to make way for the pile of other things that I had to knit.

It is time to bring them back out and finish the second sock. I reviewed the progress last night and went to bed thinking about how to figure out where I was. I see that I am midway through the decreases for the gusset. In golf lingo, that is a bad lie.

If I had stopped before beginning the heel flap or after the gusset decreases were complete it would be easiser to pick it up and go again after nearly seven months. The only thing that has saved me is that I use two row tallys when I am doing this part of the sock. One is to mark the stitch pattern and the other is to count the decreases. Once I remembered which tally was which I was ready to start again.

This will be my next car project as soon as the last two gnome hats are complete. Maybe I will be able to wear the July socks before July this year. It is a goal.

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