Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loopy Ewe: Grand Opening in Colorado

The big day arrived and I met up with CatWithCats in Denver to make the drive to Fort Collins, the new home of The Loopy Ewe.

Wow, awesome, fabulous - those are just some of the exclamations that I uttered and heard in the new shop. It is great. There are lots of windows, with a view of the mountains, lots of light and color, more room to move around and so many choices that it may take you all day to make decisions.

I picked up enough for about six one-skein projects and a couple items that I had not seen live yet, like the Baggu bags and a Hadley tumbler. What a great day!

Big kudos to Sheri and her crew of elves and The Computer Guy, they have done a wonderdul job of making it a warm and welcoming place to visit. I plan to make this a bi-annnual event, maybe more. Best of luck to the The Loopy Ewe, keep up the good work~!

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Robin said...

I love TLE. Been to fling and shopped at the St.Louis location for years. Hoping to go to Fall fling if Sherri gets it up and running. Lucky Ewe getting to visit the new digs.