Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals and Ambitions for the New Year

Yes, four days in and I am finally appearing with my list of goals (I do not do resolutions).

This has been a whittling event because I have so  many things I want to accomplish; while reviewing this past year, I decided to approach this from an under-promise and over-deliver mentality. Maybe that will work better.

First: I want to do a shout out to the Lion Brand Notebook blog folks, their ideas are concise and well-stated (this is my paraphrase to fit this post):
  1. If you do not yarncraft now, begin. It adds creativity to your life.
  2. Crafting with your hands can help relax you, make you more patient and reduce stress in your life.
  3. You can connect with old friends and make some new ones.
  4. Give to your community through fiber crafts.
  5. Create your own designs to mimic the over-priced commercial wares you see in the stores.
Now, for my goals for this new year:
  • Upload and track all knitting projects on my Ravelry page.
  • Knit a couple cardis for office wear.
  • Learn: shadow, double knitting and hexi-puffs.
  • Finish and publish the two designs I worked on in 2011.
That covers my goals, I hope that I will have a great accomplishments page to offer you at the end of this year. My best wishes to all of you as you pursue success for your goals (and resolutions)~!

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Forgetmeknotgardens said...

That looks like a great list of goals. I am sure there will be a great list of accomplishments!