Friday, July 15, 2011

Camp Loopy 2: And We're Off

This morning I cast on my second Camp Loopy project. For this one I chose Wood Hollow Mittens by Through the Loops, Kirsten Kapur. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Purple Club.

After a couple cast on attempts, I realized that this pattern with its twisted ribbing would go really well with the Channel Island Cast On, so I went over to the video that features Eunny Jang and watched along with her demonstration. After several restarts I got it on the needles and am 11 rows into the 21 row cuff.

On another video, the cast on was described as "strong, stretchy and decorative in a picot-like way". Not much else you can ask of a cast on. I think I will try this on my next top down socks that I do.

Another difference, I am not accustomed to knitting over 4 dpns, my usual set up is with 3, however in reading the pattern I see the reasoning and will follow along until I get past the thumb gusset and then probably put all the palm stitches onto one needle, we'll see it that works.
I hope everyone has fun knits happening for their weekend~!

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