Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review - It's About Knitting, I Swear

I highly recommend Casting Off by Nicole R. Dickson. I read quite a bit of it while I was working on the last garter rows of my Baby Surprise Jacket that has now taken up residence at the knit shop as a sample.

 I especially liked the stitch descriptions at the beginning of each chapter. I tried to find the reference that is noted however do not find it as a book, it is linked to the author's blog, click here to access.

The story takes place on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland. A textile archeologist, Rebecca Moray and her daughter, go there on a grant to write a book focusing on the fisherman's handmade sweaters aka ganseys. She discovers more than just a tale of knitting, but of community and family connections and memories.

This book came to me as a trade paperback in a very sad state of affairs, rescued from a yard sale. When I first opened it, it came apart in pieces. So, I took sections with me to read and then threw away the pages as I completed them. (all you book lovers out there, put away your pitchforks, there was no saving this one). I will buy another copy to pass around because I really think this is a great book.


MaryMc said...

LOVED this book. Story was kind of sappy but the description of how they knit, why the knit, etc. was fascinating.

MaryMc said...

LOVED this book. Actual story kind of sappy but the knitting info is GREAT!

MaryMc said...

Ok so let's try this again.

LOVED this book. Sappy story but great info on knitting. Want to try some of the patterns but I think they are way beyond my ability and attention level right now :-)


MaryMc said...

Ok, I'll try one last time and then send this to you via your regular email...

LOVED the book. Sappy story line but great info on knitting. Would love to try some of the patterns but I don't think my knitting ability is at that level yet - know my attention span is shorter too!

Mary Mc

Cathy R said...

I borrowed a copy from my library. I enjoyed it as well.