Friday, June 3, 2011

The Art of Finishing

I found myself violating my own rule of a max of two projects at a time during the month of May. I started my May sock on May 4th, and I started a Mother's Day gift on May 1st with high hopes to finish each project by the obvious deadlines.

I failed and I also now have 6 active projects on the needles going into the month of June. Egads!

I can say that my class planning was partly to blame however I have three nearly finished projects that acted as demos for class and will be two gifts, and a new sweater for me this summer. So all good and productive.

I also did an impulse knit of the Simple Vest by Lion Brand and have had many compliments on the finished project. So all of my hard work of managing this many projects has not all been in vain.

Now I am on a schedule to finish all of these that I can before the end of June. I better press on.

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