Sunday, June 12, 2011

UFO Update: The Plan

I have gathered all my known UFOs and now have a plan to get them finished.

The summer will be filled with knitting and some of it will be new knitting, like the Camp Loopy projects, and my self-imposed sock club.

So, here is my plan, forJune, July and August: I will have two house projects going at a time and will split my available knitting time between the Camp Loopy Camp project and a UFO. Then I will have a car project that is whatever sock project is going on for the month.

I hope to finish two UFOs a month because most of them are past the halfway point. Watch for weekly postings on the progress.

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Cathy R said...

I turned the heel (properly this time ) on the first May sock and have been working on the gussett decreases. Unfortunately, I left it over at Mom and Dad's house, and haven't had a chance to go get it.

I've got a bunch of library books that need to be read though, so I'm still occupied on the bus rides.