Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camp Loopy - No Bugs

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I have convinced myself that I should go to camp this year. It involves in no travel (darn), no bug spray and no tents or camping fees, according to the Head Counselor Sheri at the Loopy Ewe.

What a fun way to knit some things this summer where there is a group on Ravelry to share camp stories and possibly create some new s'mores recipes. Yummy!

There were some rules and deadlines to meet, which I managed to do this evening as soon as I got home. I ordered my yarn for the two color shawl that I will be knitting. I chose the Skewed Shawl  and ordered Madeline Tosh DK for my first camp project. I hope the colors I chose are as yummy as they looked online.

The project cannot be started until June 15th and must be finished by July 15th and a picture posted to the Loopy Gallery on or before July 17th to be in accordance with the rules. Obviously this goes against my first version of my finishing plan and my only two projects at a time rule. Oh well, it's summertime and the living is fine, or something like that.

I guess I will be reviewing my UFO roundup-finishing schedule. I will report back when I have a new plan to share.
My goal will be to post a weekly progress update on the camp project and post any camp worthy, fun ideas or suggestions for camping as I think of them. I also hope to work on the project while camping in Belinda at least once this month. I think that adds to the fun and photo opps for Little Loopy.

Thanks, Sheri, for coming up with a fun way to spend my summer. You da Bomb!

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