Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camp Project Update: Let the Games Begin

Dear Camp Journal;

This morning I got very early in Cabin 2 (that is where the Greet the Day group is staying - sounds like a cult, doesn't it?) and cast on my Skewed Shawl pattern. I was able to get 2 repeats done before I had to start the rest of my day. Loopy and a friend joined me to show off the beginning, the piece sort of looks like a tent.

I am knitting this out of Madeline Tosh DK in Thunderstorm and Black Currant. It took about six tries to get a gauge that is close enough to the one suggested. As the pattern mentions, gauge is not usually important for shawls however for this one it does matter if you want the size of the finished project.

In preparation for this first project, like packing to go to camp, I printed my pattern and read it through, wound the main color skein as soon as it arrived, found my needles and did a test swatch over three needle sizes until I reached the conclusion that it was going to be on 9US needles. I also familiarized myself with the garter tab technique of starting this particular shawl. That required hunting around for a video on the technique and watching a couple different versions, then reading the description again in the pattern.

Then I put it in my new Loopy Ewe project bag and set it near my knitting chair since I could not cast it on until this AM, June 15th.

So, this morning as I am getting through the garter tab cast on and set up row, I realized that I needed at least two stitch markers (more like four). So I had to hunt around in my sock knitting bag for the markers, found them and off we go. Then I decided that I would be happier if I typed the Shawl Body instructions into a document so I can use my highlighter tape and not try to read it in paragraph format. This pattern gives me the initial impression that I will not easily memorize it, so this will make it easier to follow.

Once I got all those things done I got back to the knitting. Note for future camp projects: gather all the supplies before cast on day and don't forget to put your name in your underwear. Happy Camping to All~!

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Cathy R said...

My goodness, who knew camp would be so much work!!!

Can't wait to watch your project progress.