Sunday, June 5, 2011

UFO RoundUp

The first step finishing the UFOs is to round them up.

I have a new collapsible basket I found at WalMart that I am going to use as my UFO corral. It sits next to my knitting chair in a prominent position so I cannot forget what it holds.

Currently I have the Summer Cardi, a pair of Felted Clogs and the Baby Surprise Jacket, all projects that now need to be finished because the classes are finished.

For the Summer Cardi, I just have sleeves to finish. The Felted Clogs need to be assembled and felted. And the Baby Surprise Jacket is about 25 rows away from the bind off.

Then I have the Mother's Day gift that needs a few more repeats and I will be ready to do the fancy crocheted bind off. This one is not for photos yet, since it is still mostly a surpise. More on it later.

I also have dug up a Spiraluscious cowl and handwarmer project that have been sitting idle for about a year, these are for me and probably got set aside so I could do gifts for others. It will be added to the finishing list.

All in all, I have had a very productive six months so far, I think it is time to finish what I started.

I hope everyone is finding great projects to start or finish~!

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Cathy R said...

I totally "heart" that basket. So cool.