Friday, June 17, 2011

Camp Project Update: Fresh Air

Dear Camp Journal,

By the end of this week, I am happy to report that I have 12 repeats out of 15 done on the Skewed Shawl. It is looking very nice and is a lot of fun to knit.

As pictured, Little Loopy and his camping buddy think it is fun to go to the woods and anticipate camping in the newly repaired popup. I think there will be knitting in the camper coming up soon. And, thanks to Sheri at the Loopy Ewe blog, we have a new s'more recipe to try out soon.

I hope everyone is having a great time planning their summer projects~!

L'il Loopy and friend visit Belinda in a future camping spot. They are sitting on the Skewed Shawl main color section in MadToshDK in Thunderstorm.

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