Monday, January 17, 2011

New Word of the Week #1 - Automagically

I saw this list in my AARP paper that relates to new words that have been added this last year to the English dictionaries (oops, dating myself) and thought that I should utilize this list and try to translate it into the knitting world. Not sure how well I will do but I will make a weekly attempt until the list runs out of words. Join me on my quest, won't you?

The first word on the list is "automagically". The word gets its origin from the computing world. I think that following a pattern to the letter will usually produce automagical results, an example is a top down sweater. At first you are not sure what you are doing is going to work until you get about 10 rows into it and then you know it is working.

Another example is the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The first one I knit I followed her original pattern that is written in paragraphical format. Now it is written in line-by-line and much easier to follow.

I hope everyone finds some magic in their world be it automatic or not~!

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