Friday, January 21, 2011

Felted Soap

Today I set up my kitchen to test the felted soap I wanted to do.

First, I found all the tools I would need, a mat, a tape measure, scissors, the soap - a travel size, and the roving.

I prepped the rovings and wrapped the soap like the tutorial explained then I used a washboard to accelerate the felting process.

I made two to start which I will be testing in my own shower this next week to see how I like them. They turned out really fun looking, I made one in purple and gold, pictured, and one in red and blue.

I am going to try needlefelting a design on them as they dry. More on that process later. I have to get the tools first. These were fun to do and will make great gift items.

I hope everyone is finding fun new things to try~! 

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