Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weather of the Month - Spring Snows and Sunburn

Spring is on the Way - March came in like lamb which can mean bad weather for the end of the month, however it could mean double woolie if it is mild.
 In this part of the country we can see spring snows of any depth imaginable. I remember a six-foot snow storm in my yard one March around the 20th that kept us trapped in the yard for a week. The best part was shoveling out a path to get to the barn to feed the horses in over chest deep snow (once it started compacting because it was so wet).

Of course, once we did get plowed out, we had to contend with the mud caused by the very wet, heavy snow. The best part - the wildflowers were glorious that summer. So I always wish for a wet spring no matter what form it wants to take.

Spring snows can take many forms, including thunder snow - when it snows during a thunder and lightning storm; snain - combo of rain and snow; fat flakes - really big and wet snowflakes; corn or groppel or, as my favorite meterologist said this week - microburst of dippin' dots; all  are wet and wonderful at this time of year.
Snow enthusiasts greet spring sports with lighter weight clothing including tank tops and shorts. One thing to be wary of is snow sunburn. This is caused by the reflective nature of snow and the fact that most do not realize that they can get sunburned when it is 30-degrees outside.

I hope everyone has plans to enjoy this time of year no matter what the weather brings~!

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