Saturday, March 5, 2011

KWCG Sock of the Month - March Update

I cast on the March Socks and after reading the pattern again I realized that this pattern and this yarn were not a match made in heaven. So I rethought the idea and had to modify the pattern to make up for the fact that this yarn is not elasticized.

The cast on number for a women's medium (what the pattern is written for) is 56 on size 1US (2.25 mm). That will never go around my leg. So I reviewed the Broadripple stitch pattern and calculated I needed 70 stitches cast on. Once I did that I realized that I now had an odd number of pattern repeats that would not fit over one needle. So I opted to separate the two repeats that do fit on each cable to have the middle stitches be a knit one, purl one rib pattern.

This idea worked well and I knit the Garter Broadripple pattern for the prescribed 12 rounds, then switched to the Ripple Stitch and knit it for 2 1/12 inches. At this point I realized that 70 stitches around was going to make the foot of the sock too big (sloppy) for my foot. That is when I decided to decrease three out of each K1, P1, section so now it is over 4 stitches with the pattern being p1, k2, p1 between the two pattern repeats on each cable. This brings the sock down to 64 total stitches, 32 on each cable. At this point, I am at the regular stitch requirement for a sock that fits, and an easy way to do the heel flap.

I turned the stitches 90-degress on the cables so I have the added stitch section split at either end and the two repeats of ripple pattern separated by the started and end two knit stitches that is part of their pattern. This brings the look of the ripple pattern closer together and will look better going down the foot.

At this time I am halfway down the leg and hope to be knitting the heel flap by the first of week on the first sock. I realized I made this sock more complicated than it needed to be but I hope I will have utilized the pattern to my best efforts and get a wearable pair out of it. However, this will not be my favorite pattern choice for future socks.

I hope everyone is preparing for fun projects for the Spring~!

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Cathy R said...

This is why I refer to knitting as "Math with String."

Well done on figuring out the problems. I do like how the yarn is looking in that pattern, even though it be difficult.