Saturday, March 19, 2011

Summer Cardi - Sweater Two

I am making some size adjustments to the Open Summer Cardi by Knitting Pure and Simple for my second sweater. I am trying to get it finished to wear to the Knitting Retreat in Buena Vista the end of the month. I am about 3 inches away from adding the bottom ribbing.

It is being knit out of some stash yarn I have had for several years, Red Heart in Monet colorway. It is really pretty but another of those crispy yarns. I know that the trick is to get it finished and drop it into the washing machine for a gentle, cold water wash, then a couple rounds through the drier on air and lay out to finish drying. It is amazing how soft and non-acrylic it looks after that. I think this yarn is from the day when adding sizing to the yarn made it wind up easier, not sure, but that is what it looks like to me.

I will be making this one to come to just above my elbow and come closer together in the front with a bit wider ribbing so I can use a pin to hold it together if I want.

Another fun and fast knit on my needles, what is on yours?

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Mikki said...

Please wear it on the day you come into the shop!! I have been thinking about knitting this out of Malibrigo worsted weight. We are getting very excited to have your knitting group with us. See you soon