Friday, March 4, 2011

K1B Vest: Progress Report

I am within an inch and a half of the desired length I want for the bottom of the vest. I like mine to come mid-hip line so it does not creep up when you sit down.

I hope to have it done by mid-month. The yarn is knitting up together very nicely and is going to look great with any color shirt.

I hope everyone is making good progress on their projects~!


Cathy R said...

It is coming along nicely!!

I went the whole weekend and didn't pick up a single needle.

And I call myself a knitter...

On the plus side, I managed to get 2.5 years of receipts and bank statements entered into Quicken. I just have to get the credit card statements entered, and then I will be completely up to date and be able to cross a HUGE item off my "to do" list.

Wonder how much yarn will be included in that total...

Jax Bubis said...

This is beautiful, Donna. Jealous.