Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WIPs Update: Beads Add Glitter

I have beaded for the second half of the scalloped edge scarf, shown on the left. This is a relatively fast knit once you get the beads on the yarn and get through the cast on.

I like this knit because I can watch TV  and still stay on track. Moving all those beads down the yarn as you go is what slows you down.

The other scarf shown on the right is the Sea Lettuce Scarf. This is the sample that is at the shop currently, You can see that I beaded a section of this sample to show what it would look like if you wanted beads. I just beaded the yarn to knit one of these for me. It is out of the same colorway and has green iridescent beads that will be used throughout. I think it will be really fun when it is done.

This pattern is not as TV-watching friendly but it goes fast because you are only knitting over a total of 20 stitches.

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Cathy R said...

Love that beaded scarf. I've been thinking about getting one of those kits for years, now. Alas, must clear out some stash first.

And the Sea Lettuce Scarf is definately the one that my friend was working on - thank you for confirming the name, now I am off to purchase a copy.

Patterns don't count as stash, right? RIGHT??