Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soxx' Old West Adventure

I heard on the 6 am news this morning that Buckskin Joe's has been sold and will be dismantled and moved after September 12th. Egads, I have said for 20 years that I need to stop by there someday and see what it is. Well, today was the day.

I grabbed my touring gear and drove the 47 miles to the Royal Gorge area for a look. I have heard about all the movies that have been filmed here over the years however I did not realize how really cool this place is.

As part of my touring gear, Soxx begged to come and be "filmed" in an old west setting. So, I give you the best still shots starring Soxx:

We were the first ones in the gate so got to see the town before it got full of folks.

Soxx realized that Lee Marvin would never have worn these kind of socks with his longjohns but Soxx was happy to see where he was filmed in Cat Ballou.

Soxx is sure these forms of transportation were very bumpy in the day.

We agreed this is the only way dentistry should be.

A consideration to all that recycle. This one may be pushing the limit.

And Soxx got to ride on the train. Had to hold on tight because he did not want to be a cactus decoration.

Note: Soxx did get lost at the old saloon on the west end of town for about 30 minutes until I felt my vest pocket and realized that he was missing. I retraced my steps and found him laying on the floor waiting to be served. Had to explain that this saloon was "museum" quality only and had no beer on tap.

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Cathy R said...

I'm very glad that Soxx didn't get lost. Maybe he was jealous because he thinks that my scarf go a hurricane drink in the French Quarter.