Monday, September 6, 2010

The Monday Muddle and Labor Day

Besides my impulsive visit to Buckskin Joe's and Soxx' photo shoot, it was a quiet weekend.

1. I taught class on Friday morning and then went to the folks to move a wood pile to a new location (before the snow flies) and helped them get all the software loaded and tested so Dad can add library books to his Nook.

2. Watched to balloons on the mornings that they could launch. I know they did not get to go up this morning because the wind was gusting.

3. I finished sorting and cleaning my knitting bookcase and desk area. Finally my house looks better. Now all I have left is my seasonal clothing changeover that will include a purging and donation bags for Goodwill. Then my closets will be neater.

4. I worked on finishing Soxx' mate, should be done tomorrow with that one. And I am designing and prepping the yarn for a pair of Halloween socks. I will be using the yarn I got from CraftsMeow at Sock Summit - her limited edition of Witch's Brew. (pictured here)

5. The folks came down today and we watched a movie and went for early dinner to Rudy's BBQ place. It was yummy and a fun place to watch all the folks heading home from their long weekend in the mountains.

All and all, it was a great holiday weekend. I hope everyone had a great time~!

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