Thursday, September 23, 2010

Folded Fabric: A New Obsession

I have discovered a new craft that is similar to quilting without the sewing machine or the need for a much larger space to work. I am calling it Folded Fabric and a lovely lady, Ruth from Iowa, was demonstrating it at the Above the Clouds Quilters annual show in Woodland Park a week ago. I got to practice the techique which really helps me retain what I learn.

It requires the basic supplies that you use in sewing: scissors, pins, and iron and some cardboard and paper to make the circular pattern. I used a pot lid for the one size I am using now.

These can be done with an insulated fiberfill to make them heat resistant for hotpads, or they can be done plain for a dresser top. You can add buttons to the centers, or sequins and beads, or iron on a piece of contrasting fabric. They can be hand sewn together in either a circle or oval.

There are so many possibilities with this technique. I am playing with one for a Thanksgiving gift and will be exploring other ideas in the coming months.

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