Saturday, September 25, 2010

Socks: Some That I Did Not Have To Knit

I have discovered Solmates by the Vermont Sock Lady. And I am in LOVE.

One of my students came in for class wearing these fabulous socks that not only are super colorful but are purposely mismatched. I fell in love instantly and had to have some. Fortunately they can be ordered online, however I really like to see something in person first before I go to those lengths.

I found a shop in Woodland Park that are selling them and I now am sporting two pairs and mom has a pair also. These are really warm and comfy.

The best part is I did not have too knit them and they cost less than some of the skeins of sock yarn I already own. Fast and fabulous.

I still love knitting socks, no fear, I have many more skeins to knit up and plan to start my own sock club from my stash. I read about this idea at the Yarn Harlot's blog. She pre-packages the pattern and yarn from her stash, one bag for each month, puts them away and each month goes in and pulls one out to knit. What a great idea and I plan to do that for my year of socks, beginning 2011.

I hope everyone is finding fun ways to celebrate Fall~!

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Anonymous said...

Great find! I love them!! I love the idea of the sock project! Great idea :)