Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Roll Call: Beginning Quilter - Here AKA Sewing, The Other Passion

I believe that I mentioned that I started taking a beginning quilting class in January. It is a three part class designed to be done one a month however with my knitting classes scheduled the same dates and the knitting retreat I was only able to get one done that first quarter of the year.

With some help of the class instructor (thanks, Jeanie) I was able to schedule the rest for May and June, so I will have all the basics come summer. Last weekend I attended part two which features borders and bindings.

First thing I can say is, MATH. I am always surprised when math is a factor in crafting, who would know. At least this math has a purpose and a "real" answer, usually a number, to date, not a "letter". And the formulas do not have to be memorized, I have cheat sheets.

We started with bindings which I had been doing with decent results but learned some key points that make so much more sense. From now on my bindings will look much better. One key point, there is a reason to leave at least 3/4 of an inch of batting and backing around the top before you quilt the top and bind. Another is the use of sewing at a 45-degree angled at the end of each edge seam versus leaving it loose at the quarter inch mark. It made a much better mitered corner.

We also learned about borders, who knew there were so many choices. I think that the basics are the launching point to learn more about each part of the techniques as I need to know more. It was a lot to take in during a six hour class.
And I got to make my first Flying Geese and the Delectable Mountain (Jeanie's preferred method). I have pictured them here.

Now I am ready for the last class, have to go do my homework for machine quilting. Soon I will have more things to show for this. I hope all are pursuing their passions fully~!

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